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In addition to all the security content, we celebrate the first meeting of real estate security in Barcelona.

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5 & 6 June

From 10AM to 6:30PM


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Security Forum will once again host two days of congresses in which the main challenges facing security professionals will be analysed.

This 2024, we are focusing on security applied to the real estate sector and real estate as the main sector of the Security Forum.

Come and catch up on the present of the sector with an eye on the future thanks to the voices of renowned professionals from companies and institutions that have innovation in their DNA.

Congress and Expert Panel Program

The Congress and the Security Forum Expert Panel space, an event to be held on June 5 & 6, at the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona (Fira Montjuïc), will gather for the eleventh time professionals from private and public security, as well as professionals from the property sector, in this forum for debate and knowledge.

The complete agenda for this new edition organized by Cuadernos de Seguridad and promoted by Peldaño will be available soon. In the meantime, we can already confirm some of the topics that will revolve around the presentations and discussion tables, as well as their protagonists. *Note that every lecture will be in spanish.



Wednesday, June 5th

10:00 a.m. Exhibition opening.

11:00 a.m. "It's Not Digital Transformation. It's Radical Innovation!"

  • Ramsés Gallego, ISACA Hall of Fame.

11:30 a.m. Discussion Panel: "Security throughout the life cycle of properties"

  • Alberto Santos. Head of General Services at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. MACBA.
  • Tomás Rabadán. Head of Security at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. MNAC. Representative of Efitec Forum.
  • Inés Pérez Arias.Security Manager of the Administrative District Management of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Moderator: Lluís Dalmau, Head of Facility Management Implementation Area at the Government of Catalonia.

12:15 p.m. "Key Strategies for Secure Erasure. Recycle Bins Do Not Erase". 

  • Rafael Chust. Director of Delete Technology by Blancco Spain and Portugal.

12:35 p.m. Discussion Panel: "Shopping Centers: security, key in customer experience"

  • Xavier Pano. Director of Security at Gran Via 2 Shopping Center. L´Hospitalet (Barcelona).
  • Isidoro Méndez. Director of Security at Arenas Shopping Center. Barcelona.
  • Javier Solanas. Director of Security at Puerto Venecia Shopping Center (Zaragoza).
  • Xavier Marcus. Technical Manager of El Triangle Shopping Center. Barcelona.

Moderates: Elena de Cea. Journalist and presenter

1:20 p.m. "Presentation Public Security Foundation".

  • Felip Puig i Godes. Civil engineer and consultant. Advisory partner at IN2.
  • Nuria Moreno. Trustee of the Foundation for Public Security.
  • Javier Mirallas. President and founder of ICS Intelligence and ICS 360.
  • José A. Gázquez Cuenca. President of the Foundation for Public Security and Secretary General of FEPOL.

Moderator: Iván Rubio. Director of Security Forum.

2:00 p.m. Break

4:00 p.m. Discussion Panel: “The problem of home squatting”

  • Cristina Vallejo. Lawyer specializing in real estate law.
  • Selva Orejón. CEO of Onbranding.
  • Joan Marc Torrent. Head of Associació de Promotors de Catalunya.
  • Joaquín del Toro. Director of Security at Sareb.

Moderator: Eduard Zamora. President of Security Forum.

4:45 p.m. "How to Prevent Squatting in Homes in Spain".

  • Enrique Esteban, Key Account Sales Manager of Ajax Systems.

5:05 p.m. "Personal recording devices".

  • Iván Guerrero. Sergeant of Guardia Urbana de Barcelona.

5:30 p.m. End of the Day.

Thursday, June 6th

10:00 a.m. Exhibition opening.

11:00 a.m. "The role of the private security sector in family litigation: current situation and challenges".

  • Gema Moyano Llop, partner at Mansilla & Llop, Family Law.
  • Pol Martín González Mansilla, partner at Mansilla & Llop, Family Law.

11:30 a.m. Discussion Panel: "Those responsible for building management and security".

  • Miquel López. Head of the Technical Department at CBRE.
  • Francisco Talavera. Technical Architect at the Town Hall of Papiol.
  • Abel Bruch. Facility Manager. Catalan Agency for Cultural Heritage.

Moderator: Francisco Martínez. Founding partner of the Catalan Association of Facility Management (ACFM).

12:15 p.m. Tecnifuego Discussion Panel: “Safe homes and buildings against fires. Zero Victims”.

  • Santos Bendicho. Coordinator of the Sectoral Committee of Manufacturers and Installers of Temperature Control and Smoke Evacuation Systems. TECNIFUEGO.
  • Albert Grau. Director of Passive Protection Area TECNIFUEGO.
  • Lluis Marín. Coordinator of the Sectoral Committee of Detection Equipment Manufacturers. TECNIFUEGO.
  • Carles Noguera. Deputy Fire Chief of the Generalitat. Head of the Prevention Area.
  • Víctor Molinet Coll. Head of Normative and Performance Unit. Barcelona Firefighters.

Moderator: Antonio Tortosa, Vice President of TECNIFUEGO.

1:00 p.m. Discussion Panel. "The future of security during construction".

  • Silvia Costa Albert. Coordinator of Health and Safety at SOMEQUIP 2.0.
  • Leandre Torres. Former Head of Occupational Risk Prevention at Football Club Barcelona.
  • Daniel Lillo Pérez. Representative of the company SIP (a company of the Alsina Formworks Group).

Moderator: Felip Neri. Architect and Facility Management Consultant.

1:45 p.m. End of the Day.

Expert Panel

Wednesday, June 5th

11:00 a.m. Comprehensive Home Security.

  • Antonio Bernad, Security Area Coordinator and Nacho Jiménez, CRAs Area Coordinator. AES.

11:30 a.m. Participation of Mossos d'Esquadra in European projects.

  • Corporal Tere Comellas, International Cooperation Area. Mossos D’Esquadra.

12:00 p.m. Weapons and Security.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Moises Medina Morales, Head of the Weapons, Explosives, and Security Intervention in Catalonia (VII Zone). Civil Guard.

12:30 p.m. Fire Behavior of Materials and Construction Elements and Their Relationship with Building Envelopes.

  • Tomás de la Rosa Sánchez. Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering.

1:00 p.m. Disappearances with Signs of Criminality, the reality of investigation.

  • Hugo Carlos Prieto Adámez. Commissioner, Head of the Central Section of Criminal Investigation and Judicial Police of the Ertzaintza.

1:30 p.m. Drones and security.

  • Inspector Julio Camino Burguillos, General Commissariat of Public Security, UCSP, Central Brigade for Inspection and Investigation, Head of Group 1st mandatory establishments. National Police.

2:00 p.m. Break.

4:00 p.m. Anticipating incidents. The importance of proactive measures.

  • Antonio Fernández. Director of Operations, DLTCode.

4:30 p.m. Future of Comprehensive Security in Catalonia.

  • Joan Delort i Menal, Director General of Fire Prevention, Extinction, and Rescue. Generalitat de Cataluña.
  • José Antonio Gázquez Cuenca, Secretary-General of FEPOL. Federation of Public Security Professionals.
  • Sergio Sánchez Torregrosa, General Advisor and Director of Security at Adn Sindical Security and Services of Catalonia. ADN Sindical.

5:00 p.m. Private Security in the Sky: Exploring the Potential of Drones.

  • Francisco Martínez, representative of ACAES.

5:30 p.m. THE CLÚSIC: A solution for Fire Safety.

  • Mariano de Leonardo. President of CLÚSIC. Ignasi Gimeno. Manager of CLÚSIC.

6:00 p.m. Closing.

Thursday, June 6th

11:00 a.m. Urgent Need for Improvement of the Legal Context.

  • José Ramón Becerra. Member of FES. Vicente de la Cruz. Third Vice President of FES.

11:30 a.m. Why do I need to protect my privacy if I have nothing to hide?

  • Martín Vigo. Land of Hackers and Triskel Security.

12:00 p.m. Connecting Spaces, Protecting Environments: The Impact of Vigi and Omada on Real Estate Security.

  • Karlos Hernández. B2B Product Manager.

12:30 p.m. Security in the Management of Real Estate Assets.

  • Iván Ballesteros. Representatif and Board Member of AEINSE.
  • Raúl Aguilera. Representatif and Board Member of AEINSE.

1:00 p.m. Digital Transformation: An Irreversible Reality in Private Security.

  • Jorge Salgueiro. AJDSE and AECRA.

2:00 p.m. Closing.

Angel Pons presentador del Congreso Security Forum 2022


For more than ten years, we have been bringing together the most important voices in the security sector to share their experience with all attendees. This forum full of presentations and round tables will have a double focus: security trends and a monographic space for real estate security.

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Angel Pons presentador del Congreso Security Forum 2022

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